The Best Ways to Investigate an Ecommerce Business Idea

A common way to set up an e-commerce site is, to begin with your business idea, talk to a style or web agency that will provide you with a task proposition to style and build your site. When constructed and paid for you then begin to battle with methods to create traffic to your new site, considered that the site is brand-new and has couple of (if any) inbound links you'll quickly be setting up your Google Advertisement words account and paying for visitors on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis.

Offered that you've just paid to create and construct the website and are now spending for your traffic, this isn't really a great time to learn that there just isn't really the demand you believed there would be for your products, or that given the expense of traffic and overheads you cannot earn a profit on what you sell.Let's look at some ways of avoiding a situation like this. By taking a series of actions using existing online resources and services you can get some genuine world research study to find out a bit more about your prospective market, then with a minimal investment test how responsive that market is to your proposed items and rate point.

Step 1. Exactly where is the search?

Your very first step must be to make a note of a list of the expressions you believe possible customers would use to find your products, as soon as you have these phrases use some online keyword research study tools to find out what does it cost? traffic there is for each term, in addition to the level of competitors each phrase has.You require bearing in mind that the figures for search volume will differ reliant upon where you choose the figures and the market you are looking at. Google's keyword research study tool is geared towards Ad words and by default will give you figures based upon their 'Broad match' setting which consists of comparable searches, and as such by default offers unusually high traffic figures.I choose to use Yahoo! or Word tracker for this sort of info as the figures are more realistic, if you do apply Google's keyword tool then make certain you confine the search term in speech marks as this will suit the expression straight.

Step 2. How lots of competitors are there?

You might find that you have a good search volume, however then if this is a currently well mined specific niche with numerous existing rivals you will be at an immediate downside as your rivals will be trading with a recognized site and you will be going back to square one.There are 2 pieces of information we will need for each expression to offer us a total photo of the circumstance. One is the number of direct rivals who are already in Google's index for the expressions we are interested in and the next is a keywords effectiveness index (KEI) which integrates search volume with rival's volume to derive an index figure which emphasizes the potential of each phrase in our list.

Step 3. Get to grips with the competition

Not all search expressions are developed equally as some will have more sites completing for them than others.The picture you have a search phrase in your list with 100 searches monthly, are you taking on 10 other sites for that traffic or 10,000,000 other websites? By utilizing an effectiveness index you will see at a glance where there are gaps in the competition and if you choose to go ahead with your brand-new e-commerce site you can use this info to assist enhance your website for these phrases.

In order to discover the number of competing websites for a search phrase, conduct a search in Google with the search phrase in speech marks and take a look at the "Results 1 to 10 of regarding xxx" the xxx figure is the websites that are in Google's index for that specific phrase.The KEI formula is searched x searches/ competition = effectiveness for instance 100 x 100/ 10 = 1000 KEI which is a fantastic chance as ultimately you have 100 searches with just 10 direct rivals for that phrase. Whereas 100 x 100/ 10,000,000 = 0.001 KEI which is dreadful!

If you know a bit about search engine optimization you will acknowledge these methods as they are often used in the essential expression selection process when optimizing an existing site, but provided that this research study can easily be finished before any website has actually been constructed it makes good sense to employ these techniques to obtain a feel for the nature of the chance provided online for your particular business idea at the outset.

Step 4. Evaluate your business concept with PPC

This technique needs more of a financial investment but rewards you with some more concrete outcomes.You will need to establish a few websites for your key items with a click to purchase button that sends you an email. Inform your potential customers that you run out stock and ask if they wish to be notified when the item is back in.Now established a PPC account with Google and spend a few hundred pounds/dollars on having traffic to the page, you'll quickly get a feel for the expense of traffic and the kind of conversion rate you 'd be starting with.

Step 5. Prototype your e-commerce website with SaaS

These days there is much low overhead software application as a service (SaaS) web applications for e-commerce that are ready to use with absolutely nothing more than an online sign-up.This sort of service utilizes existing performance that works on a web server and has no design/build overhead so you can just start trading and pay as you choose the service.Choose an e-commerce provider that you like the look of, submit your products and set it up having a low-cost payment system such as PayPal and off you go.

If you did the phrase research study you'll likewise have an excellent starting indicate set up an ad words account and a strong lead on the expressions you should include in your website content to bring in search traffic.Basically in this last action we are establishing a totally functioning e-commerce website, however as we are just spending for the service regular monthly and there is absolutely no design/build overhead we can quickly get to grips with the nature of business and see if it has legs or not without compromising all our capital, which if things go well we are then in a position to invest in improving an e-commerce website we understand works rather than just gambling on an inkling.


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There are 2 pieces of information we will need for each expression to offer us a total photo of the circumstance.

This technique needs more of a financial investment but rewards you with some more concrete outcomes.